About us

Perhaps You have some questions about us, we try here to bring certain information to you:

Ruth and Manuel Gosende, of Swiss and Spanish nationality we are the owners of Herbalandia Villa since we built it the year 1986 in this charming place which is Pe?iscola. We also have a property in the Alps of Schwizerland

In our professional life we carried out various activities: owners of various businesses: travel agency, art gallery, Real State, restaurants, camping, and directing to 45 employees and we were in out schools and diplomas: School of Hotel trade of Geneva, pilot, monitor of diving, underwater archaeology, ski instructor, world championships of canoe by representing Switzerland, etc. Since 2001, in a part of the Herbalandia Villa (in total it m?sure some 600 m2) it is for us a pleasure to recieve personally our hosts and friends from various places in Spanish, French, German and English, also the suisse German and Galician and as we also have a small ranch 17 away km, we are easily available for any information or possibility,

Swimming pool ist our responsability and the Gardens, the grass, watering etc, we occupy ourselves the minimum necessary, to not deranger the rest of the occupants.

We will have a pleasure of receiving you and will try to obtain that your stay is pleasant and deserving memories.